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16 Reasons You Need a Custom Business Phone Number

When you own a business based on direct-to-consumer sales, there are several benefits to using a unique phone number. When a potential client sees and remembers a recognisable number, there is already an element of trust towards the business. Using a UK VoIP number to boost your business performance (as your employees can work from home) means even happier customers.

What Is a VoIP Number?

What is a VoIP phone number?

VoIP numbers refer to real phone numbers that operate over the internet. They can be accessed anywhere on any mobile device or computer by using a VoIP phone app. You don’t need to sit at a desk to make or receive calls.

Top 16 Reasons You Need a Custom Business Phone Number

1.      Makes your business look more professional

A dedicated business phone number is essential for setting up a business since it gives the impression that you are a reliable and established company. Because a custom phone number enhances your credibility, this can result in more clients and customers.

2.      Separates business and personal communications

A dedicated phone number should be a part of any small business’s phone system since it’s a way to distinguish your business communication from private communication.

Business phone numbers offer many benefits, such as increasing customer confidence. So when it’s time to expand your small business, make sure you have a business phone number. It’s essential for anyone serious about starting a business.

3.      Gives you an edge over your competition

In order to succeed, any business must be able to differentiate itself from its competitors. Branding isn’t the only factor; custom communication channels can also help you connect with your audience. While many companies launch chatbots, you may want to consider a custom phone number.

Keep in mind that gaining an edge over your competition requires new sales and business tactics, including ones you might not have considered before. And one of them is customising your phone number.

4.      Makes it easier for customers to remember your number

Custom business phone numbers make it easy for customers to remember you, which makes doing business with you more convenient. It allows you to easily reach your customers again and introduce them to your other products and services.

5.      Helps boost your marketing efforts

Your business can grow faster if you connect with consumers voice-to-voice. So make sure to use a unique phone number in your marketing materials to increase inbound phone calls. You can also consider purchasing multiple numbers if you have multiple marketing campaigns or lines of business.

6.      Builds brand recognition

Custom business phone numbers can help you build brand recognition. Callers recognise and associate your business number with your brand. Branding yourself this way is an effective way to build reputation customers will regard as trustworthy.

7.      Makes it easy for customers to reach you

A custom business phone number gives your customers an easy way to contact you. It can also be configured with features such as voicemail and call forwarding. Having this option can be very helpful if you run a small business and are not always available to answer the phone.

8.      Gives you a local presence

Getting a custom UK phone number improves your local presence and makes it more convenient for you to attract customers and other business owners. Locals tend to support local businesses, so if you have a local number, you will attract more customers from that area.

9.      Promotes referrals

A referral system gives your customers the power to market for you, and it’s an excellent way to gain new customers. Your customers are your best salespeople. Easy-to-remember phone numbers make it easier for them to refer you to their friends and family without having to search for your contact information.

10.  A better experience for mobile users

As mentioned in all website development and digital marketing content it is important to optimise a website for the user’s experience. Contact forms on a website can be optimised for mobile use in that when a phone number is clicked it takes the user directly to place a call. 

Alongside user experience, using a catchy and enticing number is more likely to attract a click. Repeated memorable numbers throughout a website rather than simply on the Contact Us pages also encourages subconscious memory of the contact number. 

11.  Helps build trust

Customers may hesitate when dealing with a new company or buying something for the first time. When you provide a memorable phone number where you can answer their questions and resolve issues promptly, this helps you gain their trust. 

12.  Easy to promote

A custom business phone number is one of the best ways to promote your business. So promote your number across all marketing channels. Additionally, don’t forget to offer a great service or product that will keep customers coming back.

13.  Can help manage your calls

Consider getting a custom business phone number to help manage your calls. In this way, you can keep track of your customers’ calls and respond to them promptly. Additionally, it can help direct calls to the correct department or individual without needing to go through a number of other individuals or departments first.

14.  Can help you save money

A custom business phone number can reduce the need for multiple physical phone lines, saving you money. In addition, custom local numbers are cost-effective ways for businesses to expand into areas without the need for physical offices.

15.  Best for urgent issues

Customer service is a crucial aspect of running a business. Occasionally, an issue must be dealt with and resolved urgently to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. That’s why custom business phone numbers are the best choice.

Your calls can be forwarded to any phone with a custom business phone number. As a result, you won’t have to worry about missing an important call when urgent issues arise.

16.  Helps improve customer service

Customers unhappy with your service would rather not navigate your website and fill out electronic forms. Someone can easily reach you through a custom phone number to resolve an issue or schedule an appointment, which helps create a positive customer experience. 

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