FAQs at the Phone Number Store

Yes, if you purchase the number from us with full payment, the number is yours and you can port away immediately or at a future date with no additional charges. If you decide to keep the number with us, you may pay some rental and usage charges, but you will not be subject to any minimum Contract Term.

No, we have stopped selling mobile memorable numbers as we specialise in geographic landline 01 & 02 numbers.  we only provide mobile numbers via our XL Mobile SIM product along side memorable geographic numbers.

Yes, we can provide both landline and mobile numbers on our XL Mobile SIM cards and the SIM cards will work on the EE network. You can also port your existing mobile number on to the SIM card and use both at the same time!

Yes, all prices for memorable numbers, services and calls shown on our website include VAT.

If you purchase the number and use it on our network, it’s free to route calls to your UK landline and call routing to UK  mobile numbers issued by O2, Vodafone, EE or 3 are charged at just 1ppm inc. VAT – please note that calls routing to numbers not issued by these networks may well be charged at a higher price.  If you are unsure, please ask us.

Alternatively, you can get on of our XL Mobile Multi-SIM cards and there are no incoming call charges and you get unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines too.

Yes, we do! Our XL Hosted Voice Service (XLHV) will allow you to purchase or rent one or more Yealink VoIP phones from us with your memorable landline number connected so that you can receive calls and also send your memorable number as Caller ID on outgoing calls. Monthly service charge is £7.86, plus the handset purchase or rental cost.

We can provide your number with a SIP account & telephone on our XLHV service which will plug directly in to your existing broadband service or we can route them to existing landlines, mobile phones or to your existing VoIP system or other business telephone number or we can provide your with an XL Mobile SIM. If you want the number as a physical telephone number, this can be done. You will need to tell us the postcode of the premises you would want to have the line at and ideally provide us with an existing number there so that we can check and make sure that this can be provided to you.

Most numbers go live within an hour of payment being received although it can take 24 hours in some cases, depending on the number you have purchased. Once you have chosen a number we can tell if it will be a same day or next day connection.

Once you have paid for your number in full, upon request we will provide you with the porting details. Once you have these details you simply provide these to your new telephone service provider using the standard industry porting process and they will do the rest.

Porting usually takes 10 working days but longer if your new provider does not follow the process correctly. Porting does not always work first time due to the centralised management of the process, but we will not ever reject your porting away request – unless you have outstanding or unpaid bills with us – once we receive the request, your port will happen from our side.

Yes, Caller ID is fully transparent via all of our memorable numbers.

Yes, we accept credit and debit cards via our website for purchase, rental and reservation of numbers.

Yes you can purchase, rent or reserve your by calling 08000 445445 or 020 7700 0000 and speaking with our friendly team who will be able to process the sale for you. Please note that our telephone team are not able to accept instalment or account balance payments via this number. Please contact our accounts payable team for this on 03300 221111 or by email [email protected]

No, we do not currently accept PayPal.

Our bank details are as below:
Sort Code: 30-91-91
Account No: 34005960
Account Name: Toffoo Limited
Bank: Lloyds Bank plc
Reference: Your memorable number

Yes you can. You can pay an initial deposit and then spread the remaining balance over 3, 4 or 6 months. Payment must be made via direct debit. To do this, please email [email protected] giving details of the number you wish to purchase and your contact telephone number and the team will contact you to get everything up and running for you.

No, we don’t but we can put you in touch with good quality providers who do and route your number to them accordingly.

No, you must purchase or rent a memorable geographic telephone number from us before connecting to an XL Mobile SIM card.

Yes we do, you can have a prepay account whihc you keep topped up and you just pay for your inbound calls at a fixed rate of 24p per call plus 6p per minute.