Taxi Connect Direct


Allows a caller to dial a telephone number and for up to 5 telephones (landlines or mobiles) to ring at the same time.

For Passengers

  • Passenger dials a published telephone number, speaks to the taxi driver, and get picked up.
  • Passenger pays taxi driver as usual.
  • Connect directly to a driver to book your ride.

For Drivers

  • Use existing published telephone numbers (or get a new memorable ones).
  • Drivers are paid directly by passenger as usual.
  • Drivers can opt themselves in and out of receiving calls (optional).
  • Drivers can be alerted that the incoming call is a taxi passenger call upon answer rather than just a general call to their mobile phone number (optional).
  • Drivers can be asked if they wish to accept the call by pressing a key on their telephone keypad before speaking to caller – this stops mobile voicemail answering calls automatically (optional).

Back-end Operation

  • Unlimited drivers to be added to platform.
  • Up to 5 drivers can be called concurrently and first to answer will get the call.
  • Management of who’s opted in to receive calls at any time.
  • Play welcome message to caller e.g., You’re through to ABC Taxis.
  • Block nuisance callers’ numbers.
  • Set operational times and days and play a message to callers out of hours.
  • Ability to opt drivers in and out of receiving calls.
  • Allow drivers to know if call is a taxi call before speaking to caller (optional at no extra cost).
  • Allow driver to press a key on their telephone keypad to choose to accept a call – this stops calls going to drivers’ mobile voicemail services (optional at no extra cost).
  • Calls can be recorded and kept for agreed time (optional – additional cost).

Costs (INC. VAT)


  • One-off Service set-up cost from £130.80 and no monthly charge
  • Per inbound customer call cost of 24p (plus 6p per minute after the first minute)
  • Call recording set-up cost of £33 and Monthly cost of £9.80


  • One-off Service set-up cost from £130.80 and a monthly charge of £32.70
  • No per inbound customer call cost, other than what you are already paying for your memorable number with us
  • Call recording set-up cost of £33 and Monthly cost of £9.80

Taxi Connect Direct

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