XL Mobile SIM

We can give you a SIM card or eSIM with your new memorable landline number on it. The SIM card will work in any unlocked handset and uses EE’s network to give you the best signal wherever you are.

You have unlimited calls and texts too! You can your memorable number as caller ID automatically or you can choose to present a different number such as your business or home number instead. You can bring your existing mobile numbers across as well – our SIM cards support multiple mobile and landline numbers, so no need to carry more than one handset anymore!

If you choose to have multiple SIM cards or eSIM’s with us, you can also have short dialing between phones by just using a 4-digit extension number call and of course these calls are free.

All of this including unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, unlimited texts to UK mobiles and 5GB of data for just £20.70 inc. VAT.

With 10 GB the cost is £27.24 inc. VAT per month and with 40Gb per month, the cost is £35.70 INC VAT per month.