XL Premier Service

We can provide basic call delivery to a single number (either a mobile or a landline) and this is included free of charge with your monthly rental & routing charge.

XL Premier service has the following functionality – you don’t have to have all of it, you can pick and choose the elements that you want:

  • Your inbound calls can be delivered to up to 4 target numbers (landlines or mobiles), in rotation
  • You can choose how long each target number rings for before moving to the next one
  • Enforced ringing so caller always hears same ringing whilst we try the target numbers
  • You can play a greeting to your caller e.g. Welcome to ABC Taxis
  • Callers can be routed to voicemail if no-one is available, and that voicemail is delivered to you by email
  • A whisper can be played to you so that you know the call has arrived through your memorable number and not directly to your landline or mobile number
  • You have the ability to transfer calls through to nominated locations (e.g. taxi office or colleagues’ mobiles)
  • You have full portal access to change your greeting, target numbers, and see all your calls

All of this costs just £14.40 to set-up and then £9.60 per month

Please note that calls delivered to mobile numbers issued by O2, Vodafone, EE or 3 incur a routing charge of 1ppm – please note that calls routing to numbers not issued by these networks may well be charged at a higher price. If you are unsure, please ask us.